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Running down to the finish line!

So the finale leg of my Masters in Animation has begun and I have started to run down to the finish line towards graduation!

‘What the hell’ you may be thinking… well me too; I only started 6 months ago.

But I still have another 6 months to go and during that time I will be working on my graduation project which will be, an animation! What else I’m studying animation!

I will also be writing a research paper which goes hand in hand with the choices I make for my graduation film. It should all be pretty interesting stuff, if you like that kind of thing.

Which brings me to the reason I am babbling on now about school, degrees and graduation. I will once again be keeping a Making of blog! This will contain the progress of my animation from start to end, with sketches, drawing, writing, tests, time-lapses etc.

So if it just happens to be your cup of tea, please feel free to follow my blog in the next half year and see what I get up to.

 The Beginning

There is no pause between the introduction to this phase and the starting of my Making of blog, because I started on the project one month ago. It’s been an interesting and enjoyable period because in the last month I have been developing ideas, writing (a lot) and sketching… not to mention thinking, and waking regularly in the middle of the night with visions and fit full thoughts about monsters and beasties I wish to base my animation on.

First I started to gather information and inspirational images, books and films to help get the ball rolling.

Ever since I was very small I have had a fascination with the darker aspects of story telling, (such as the stories by brothers Grimm) which often end in death of have scary characters. But I also love humour, especially black humour. (Roald Dahl is my hero and also woks with dark characters and humour) So where better to start than to decide that this is some of the ingredients i wish to work with in the coming months.

 Below are a few examples of what I’ve been looking at:

s-black humour

 Tim Burton’s Vincent, Heinrick Hoffmann, Roald Dahl, Ren and Stimpy, Cow and Chicken , Looney Toons

I then had the pleasure of taking a Scenario writing workshop with Sytske de Kok who taught me the key points to successful writing for film and animation. Although the principles were based on feature films and using the 3 Act Structure, I can apply the same elements to writing a short story, enabling me to see weather the story is going to work or not.

How? Well all stories have a beginning, middle and an end. And there must be reasons for a character to make actions/decisions or not. You also want your audience to care or they won’t willingly watch the film to the end, no matter how short. You need to build up a form of anticipation to keep the audience intrigued.

Below you will see my version of the 3 Act structure written as notes and a nice neat one I found on the web:

3 act structure

3 act structure

3 act structure - neat

My Story

I have written a total of 6 scenarios which I won’t bother telling you about. But I will tell you about the one I believe I shall stick with for the course of my graduation… If not I may have a problem. But this story feels good and I’m enjoying myself immensely while writing, drawing, thinking and researching for it, which is pretty important considering how long I have to stick with it.

So what is it?

I have started to write a story about a Disgruntled Bogart who has had enough with his current occupation of scaring children and wishes for a career change; one where he can feel appreciated for the work that he does.

Like I mentioned above I have a fascination/love for dark characters and humour, so my inspiration for this story started with old wives tales and fairy tales. Which brought me to a Bogart (or Boogieman and you might know it). I soon found out that while looking in to these subjects that a Bogart has no specific form and was more difficult to describe than other mythical creatures. All I could find out is that it goes by hundred of different names according to culture, has no form and lives under your bed or in other shadowy places. It also takes pleasure in scaring the bejesus out of you. Not a very loved character in comparison to a Unicorn.


The next step was to form a story/scenario. And below I have my plot for you to take a peak at. If you can understand it I will be impressed as it is quite literally an ordered vision of the thoughts in my head!




While writing I do tend to start forming the characters and drawing little scenes which could be used in the animation. Take a look for your self.

All fun and games :)




Whiteboard Explanimation!

Here is something new I would like to offer:

Whiteboard animations!

I started with Illustration and now I’ve added animation to my tool kit. But for a client, animations can be a pricey and a time consuming affair.

But! I have a quick and attractive solution to all of those wanting to spice up their websites, presentations, lessons, promotion, etc.

Maybe someone has something they want to explain but want to present it in a fun, attractive and intriguing way; so as not to loose their viewers interest. Sometimes information needs a little imagery to make it easier to understand.

Below is an example of a Whiteboard animation. This form of animation could be diced and spliced and added to film or more complicated animation to tell the message you wish to bring across.

If you are curious about whiteboard animations or any other type of explanation animation (Explanimation) just get in contact and maybe I could whip up something pretty, that moves for you!

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