Wooo! It’s all coming together now.

Yes it’s been a while since I was able to post any updates, but this animating is a time consuming malarky. It involves so many different aspect, that before I can show you the ropes I have to make stuff.

So, I have made stuff and arranged and planned more stuff so I can show you that in a couple of weeks.

Last time I showed you how I was making my animation puppets in Adobe Photoshop, and animating them in Adobe After Effects.

Having the system for making this animation clear, I was able to make the 3 main characters, Boogie, Boy and The Fairy Godmother in 3 different positions; Face on, three quarter and the back. This will enable me to animate scenes using the puppets in different sets and positions without having to make tooo many new puppets. Although this hasn’t totally been the case…

Below are the turn arounds of the 3 characters:

s-02-Fairy Godmother Puppet s-Boogie-Puppet s-Boy-puppet


With the use of these characters I was able to start animating. But it soon became apparent (when making a rough edit and reciting the poem to myself) that without the narration of the script to go by, the animation was becoming far too long.

I realised that I’m going to have to kill my darlings, and throw away a majority of my hard work, if I didn’t find my voice actor soon….

So the hunt started for a Vocal talent… But where to begin?

I put out the word in my own network, and joined Voice actor forums. But after doing some research found that  voice acting is a unique skill, and what I was looking for is not something you come across every day.

Panic set in. Being a perfectionist, I wasn’t going to settle for anything other than what I had in my head! Not to say that those I had found till that point weren’t any good. But each voice is suited to a different project. And I needed a deep gravelly voice which was flamboyant in expression and could bring humour in to the script… Not too much to ask! 😉

In the end I found an online Voice acting agency (one of many). But this particular one was more than I could ever of hoped for. www.Voices.com offered an online auditioning option for free.

I was able to post my project with a description of what I was looking for, a copy of my script, links to my moving storyboard and shots of the animation so far, plus my budget and what the animation was being used for.

Before I knew it I had had more than 50 auditions!!! And the majority had taken my script and made an MP3 demo for me to listen to which helped me make my choice. It was amazing what these Talented men did for me and what was really cool, was that I was in contact with people all across America and Canada.

In the end I had to choose and man that is a difficult business. There is so much talent out there and I don’t like to disappoint. If I could of I’d given them all the job. But I couldn’t.

In the end it all came down to 2 actors, who’s voices I fell in love with Ankit Arora and Kent Ingram. Both very different in their approach to the script…

If you are curious, below is a VERY rough edit of the animation so far, in which I have place their voices. Take in to account that I have had to cut up their recordings (which is low quality) and leave out shots…

Kent Ingram:

Ankit Arora:

Can you guess which one I’m going to use?

If you are interested in what a voice actor charge take a look at this site http://voice123.com/doc/prices.html It gives a very good indication to how prices vary depending on the projects and what the voices will be used for.