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The Making of: The Boogie Man so far

So I’m half way through the completion of my animation ‘The Boogie Man’ and the dead line is sneaking up on me, far quicker than I’d like to admit. But it’s all in a days work (breath in deeply).  It will be a case of head down and ass up for the next month!

I have my voice over recording and those of you who thought I would go with Ankit Arora were correct. A talented and easy going guy to work with, I had the recording and adjustments with in 24 hours. And  even though there was a thousand miles between us, our working relation ship couldn’t of gone smoother.

Having the voice recording also started to make the whole animating process much easier. I could now find out what the timing of the shots needed to be and stop making unnecessary footage. You don’t know how sad it is having to kill your darlings; knowing how much time they cost you to make and how little time you have to complete the animation…

In being able to hear the voice over I can time it to my storyboard and see how much time I have for each shot. The poem I wrote is short and read at a high tempo, so the amount of time I have for each shot is a matter of seconds. In one way, this means less work for me, but in another, it means that the actions have to be short and simple, or cut from the animation. I just hope that the final version of the animation will live up to my expectations.

Below is a sneaky peak at the script and the timing (the numbers represent seconds) and what the storyboard has become… It’s organised chaos!




At the moment I am concentrating on making the scenes, props and characters in Photoshop and roughing out the animation in After Effects. Once I can see the animatic, I will then be able to fine tune the animation, with fluid movements, sound effects and music. This is an exciting stage in the animation process. I know what the animation will look like, what still has to be done and how much time I have to do it in. But it is also nerve wracking knowing what still has to be done and how much time I have to do it in!

I have found my sound designer though Ti Nus (also to be found here) and hope to get to work with him in the next couple of weeks. I will be leaving the sound design to his capable hands, because this is an area which alludes me… I do not have a musical hair on my head! All I can say is that this talented man will be designing some background music and sound effects for me to help bring this animation to life.

Below is the rough edit of the animation so far! There is a lot of work to be done, but you should get an idea of what direction it is going in.


Something Extra

I’ve been asked recently by a few people how I make my characters/illustrations in Photoshop. This proved a difficult question to answer in words. So I’ve made a little screen recording of what I get up to in Photoshop, a sort of fly on the wall look at my work process. It’s super-dupa fast though. I sped it up a 1000 times, so as not to bore you to tears!

Professor Loep has an Explanimation!

Presenting Professor Loep!!!

IDEA-wings-small copy

Professor Loep offers coaching and training to children of all ages. And I have had the pleasure to work with her once again and made this little animation for her, to help explain exactly what she can do for you.

Using different animating and editing softwares, I was able to create this simple animation using new and existing illustrations, which we had previously made together.

Check out more from Professor Loep at


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