Hello my friends. It’s already 2015! How did that happen? And not only that, I haven’t spoken to you guys for… ages :s But I have a little news and some things to show you.

So lets start with a little look see.

I’m finally allowed to show you my Explanation animation / explainer video made for Wienerberger building solutions. They rightfully wanted to publish it before I got my blogging fingies on it. But here it is now in its You Tube glory for you all to see. I’m afraid it is in Dutch… But I made it for a Dutch company so it figures. For the non-Dutchies, it’s basically about the sustainability of the company throughout the full process of producing building materials for the world!

Watch and learn:

What more… I will be teaching at the Art Academy AKV in the Netherlands as of 27 February, Yey! which should be fun… A little guidance and telling the truth about the industry 😉

And then there is Sesame Street. I have the pleasure of making a cartoon for Big Bird again and at the moment in the middle of animating slimy little animals who are feeling the cold. I am not allowed to show you publicly what I’m doing, I’m contracted to secrecy… but i’ve made a making so when it’s been released I shall show you all.

Other than a few meetings and cartoony plans that all for now folks.

Best wishes for the new year.