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Rigging puppets in After Effects

When things are a little quiet I like to experiment, so i’ve been having a play around with After Effects and perfecting my animating skills. I work with puppets a lot of the time. But this can be a little complicated and time consuming at times. All those limbs, timelines, pins and joints… But if any of you work with puppets in After Effects you’ve probably heard of or us DuIK.

This is a peace of free software you can install in After Effects to make rigging a whole lot easier. And the guys at Duduf have just up-dated and made it even easier for us animators Yippeee!

Check out this little man I rigged up and animated in a matter of minutes not hours! It’s not perfect, he had a limp, but with a little tweaking this software saves me hours of work 😀

Here is a link to DuDuF where you can get DuIK, and this guy Mikey shows you how to use it in the video below 😀


Submarine production company, monsters, teenagers & Me!

Amsterdam’s Submarine production company approached me recently about taking part in the making of a pilot animation about teenager diaries. This is a fun project where the animation depicts the teenagers telling the stories as awkward monsters. The negotiations are still going on so there is still no go ahead but have a sneaky peak at some monster I designed to get the creative ball rolling :

s-Monster sheet


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