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Natures Kitchen – Illustrating Animals and Food!

Meal-Boxes-No-backgroundThis project couldn’t of offered a better combination of my favourite things; Drawing and FOOD!

And good food at that! All made with love and care with the chompers health at heart.

I was asked by Owners of Kezi Silverstone and Hellen Stevenson to illustrate their website. And so I did.

We illustrated everything!

Check out lots of the pickies I made on my ‘Illustration’ page and once it’s up and running here is the link to their site:


Puber Dagboek (Teenage Diaries)

So months have past and a new year has begun. And man it’s been a busy couple of months!… make that half year!

But a good half year 😉 I did take on the project with Submarine to make a pilot and that evolved in to a 2 part animation which has since been on Dutch TV channel NPO3 😀

And there is talk of making more!

Check out the films and links below and go to my animation page to see more 😉

Interview with Me about making the animationScreen Shot 2016-02-12 at 17.04.10


As seen on TV:Me on TV with Animation Alma Mathijsen. – 3lab


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