For a planner and a self confessed perfectionist I was  like a deer caught in headlights when asked to take part in the making of an advert, for YAM gluten free bread.

I was phoned by Producer Cariola van Beek on the friday with the the question of ‘Can you do stop-motion, draw  and are you free monday?’  With an answer of ‘Yes’ I was wisked away to a set and team of 5, including myself, to make a delightful stop-motion animation.

Our team consisted of Cariola van Beek producer extraordinaire, Martin Swinkels and assistant Simon, Film & photography and Saskia Rovers our stylist.

And what a brilliant day and team it was to work with. My role was to do part of the stop-motion and make the illustrated graphics. The result is a lovely little film about how Cassava and Oats can make beautiful bread together… pun intended!

The film was made using props of all sorts, Dragon stop-motion, a nice camera and some soft box lights, screen flow and photoshop and edited together in after effects and premier. And it took the total of 2 full days to make.

So take a look below at the finished film and a little making of film I put together for those wanting a sneaky peak behind the scenes (please excuse the low-res film… my camera is old :S )

YAM Bread advert:

The making of: