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Character Design – Green Bee

s-Groenebij-01Fun Fun Fun!

I’ve been working with Loep-Training again and had the pleasure to do some more character design! And this time there was a need for a Green Bee. This little character will be illustrating the Groene bijtjes club (Little Green Bees club) where kiddies can learn all sorts of stuff while having loads of fun!

Below are the sketches and a few of the poses I made 😉

Groenebij-sketches Gree Bee - Poses-02s-Onderzoek s-Maken s-Experiment


Making Of: Photoshop Collage

So in between the animating, cartoons and meetings I make Photoshop Collages for educational publishers!

It’s a bit of fun and a way for me to create new worlds that Look photographically realistic… most of the time 😉

Here below is one I’ve just finished. And, if you are at all interested I filmed myself while making it, so you can get a sneaky peak at how do it. Sadly I don’t work quite as fast as I seem to in this film 😉

s-BinnensteBuiten 3


Cartoons, Animation & Stop-motion

Spring is in the air and EWC has rolled in to the new year at a gentle tempo but with some fantastically fun projects.

Sesame Street NL

Starting of I’ve been rounding off the Animation for Sesame Street NL. Finishing the edit for television last week. This short and sweet animation is about a little slug who gets cold and needs a new coat.

I can’t tell you too much, (Contract rules) but here’s a little GIF to give you a taste of whats to come  and the scene layouts 😉

Eric-coldEen Jas voor een slak - scenes

Cartoons & Chiropractors

And then there were Cartoons. My pals the Chiropractors asked again for a bit of fun in their annual magazine and this time it focused on ‘Self diagnosis’.  The caption says ” I already diagnosed myself on the internet. So i’m only here for a second opinion!’

s-Cartoon-Self Diagnosis


Also this Spring I was launched in to a mad project with Cloud Berry film for an in-house explainer animation for Cygnific (Sales and Services for KLM & Air France).

The project was to be a mash-up Stop-motion/Whiteboard animation explaining the in’s and outs of an internal project, to be presented to all of those who work at Cygnific (+600 peeps).

The idea was that it would be fun and inspiring to watch while explaining their future goals within the company.  Easy Peasy… Although the deadline was 2 weeks from the start date ! Whaaa! bit short for a stop-motion explainer video!

But we managed to push out the deadline, wrote the script in 2 days (Breaking down a pile of information as tall as myself into a script less than one A4) Knock out a storyboard by the end of the week, and have props collected and made by mid week the following week, ready for production on the Wednesday!

That makes, 2 Weeks Pre-production & filming. Not Bad!

Now I’m busy with the Whiteboard animation and next week we go into Post-production, with the final edit and sound design etc. Phew!

It’s tight, but it gives you energy and pushes boundaries, making you think smart and produce creative, fun solutions. Watch this space for the final result.

But for now, here below are some photos of the production and my whiteboard tryout.

Making-Cygnific-02 Making-Cygnific-01

The Making Of: Let The Animating Begin!

The synopsis, script, storyboard and moving storyboard are made and the go ahead is in the bag! It’s time to animate!

But first I had to figure out how I was planning to make this little animation of mine.

After considerable umming and ering I’ve decided to go with Adobe After Effects. This decision was made due to my lack of time (so frame for frame would of been pretty impossible considering the short deadline) and my experience of working in Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is my best friend and in combi with After Effects it’s brilliant. I also like that cutout look you get when animating in After Effects, It’s like your drawings just come to life.

They don’t of course and I still have a lot of work to do, but a start has been made.

Here is a sneaky peak at what i’ve been animating:

Below you can see what I made in Photoshop before I imported it all in to After Effects to animate.

The Puppet of the boy, lets call him Tommy, is rigged up in After Effects using the puppet tool and parenting all the parts to each other.


s-boy cut-out-bits s-boy cut-outOpen mouth_ AHHHs-Bedroom-background

s-Bedroom screen shot


It does get a little more complicated than that but my explination will be long and boring and I can better advise you to look at these tutorials… Jesus is great at explaining things 😉


The making of: Breaking down the script

Finally I can start drawing!

Although I love the creative side of writing and the conjuring of a story and characters out of nothing, I have been looking forward to now bringing it to life with images.

Richard my protagonist is starting to find a form and his environment is growing around him. And although I have been sketching while writing, it is now really nice to focus on the images.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have had to direct my focus at the rhyming couplet narration. Very necessary because this will direct the actions in the animation. But this has also disabled me from writing a scenario. So I have opted to writing the scenario while drawing the storyboard. Not the usual approach but I find the visualising and drawing stimulates ideas, prompts actions that could occur in the animation and how the scenario will unfold.

But for the pitch not only the synopsis will be expected but both scenario and storyboard will also be necessary.

Below is a scan of how Richard is now taking shape and how I have started to break down the Script (Rhyming couplet) for the storyboard.




break down


Next up is the Moving storyboard, Which I have started to make in photoshop. I find sketching on to paper much more enjoyable than drawing straight in to the computer, but both have their pros and cons. I then use the animation tool in Photoshop to make simple movements to illustrate the actions in the story. At the same time I can make a still storyboard (by saving frames as jpegs) that I will eventually be able to print of.

The advantage of the moving storyboard though is that a lot will be explained for those present at the pitch. I will be able to time the storyboard to the length of the film and add the narrated couplet under it, and possibly some sound effects and music… But I will have to see how far I get in a week and a half 😉 It’s a lot of work to do.

Below are a few moving frames from the storyboard, this will give you an idea of how the animation fills in the gaps that the narration leaves out:


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