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Cartoons, Animation & Stop-motion

Spring is in the air and EWC has rolled in to the new year at a gentle tempo but with some fantastically fun projects.

Sesame Street NL

Starting of I’ve been rounding off the Animation for Sesame Street NL. Finishing the edit for television last week. This short and sweet animation is about a little slug who gets cold and needs a new coat.

I can’t tell you too much, (Contract rules) but here’s a little GIF to give you a taste of whats to come ¬†and the scene layouts ūüėČ

Eric-coldEen Jas voor een slak - scenes

Cartoons & Chiropractors

And then there were Cartoons. My pals the Chiropractors asked again for a bit of fun in their annual magazine and this time it focused on ‘Self diagnosis’.¬† The caption says ” I already diagnosed myself on the internet. So i’m only here for a second opinion!’

s-Cartoon-Self Diagnosis


Also this Spring I was launched in to a mad project with Cloud Berry film for an in-house explainer animation for Cygnific (Sales and Services for KLM & Air France).

The project was to be a mash-up Stop-motion/Whiteboard animation explaining the in’s and outs of an internal project, to be presented to all of those who work at Cygnific (+600 peeps).

The idea was that it would be fun and inspiring to watch while explaining their future goals within the company.  Easy Peasy… Although the deadline was 2 weeks from the start date ! Whaaa! bit short for a stop-motion explainer video!

But we managed to push out the deadline, wrote the script in 2 days (Breaking down a pile of information as tall as myself into a script less than one A4) Knock out a storyboard by the end of the week, and have props collected and made by mid week the following week, ready for production on the Wednesday!

That makes, 2 Weeks Pre-production & filming. Not Bad!

Now I’m busy with the Whiteboard animation and next week we go into Post-production, with the final edit and sound design etc. Phew!

It’s tight, but it gives you energy and pushes boundaries, making you think smart and produce creative, fun solutions. Watch this space for the final result.

But for now, here below are some photos of the production and my whiteboard tryout.

Making-Cygnific-02 Making-Cygnific-01

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I’m still here,I haven’t deserted my bolg! But man it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

Not only is my assessment creeping up but school has added extra workshops to follow (brilliant but makes life very busy) And work goes on as usual.

Check out what I’ve been up to for my clients:

These images were made for a educational publisher and will be see in class rooms across the Netherlands:


2HV, figuur 04-01-01

eigentijds 6.4 BB


I also got my first Whiteboard animation project! Yippeeee!

Working with Professor Loep again I will be making an intro animation to the website. Below is part of the storyboard I made for her:

02-WBA_storyboard-Professor Loep 01-WBA_storyboard-Professor Loep


Keep watching though because I have the latest on my ‘making of’ project coming up.

Till then!



Whiteboard Explanimation!

Here is something new I would like to offer:

Whiteboard animations!

I started with Illustration and now I’ve added animation to my tool kit. But for a client, animations can be a pricey and a time consuming affair.

But! I have a quick and attractive solution to all of those wanting to spice up their websites, presentations, lessons, promotion, etc.

Maybe someone has something they want to explain but want to present it in a fun, attractive and intriguing way; so as not to loose their viewers interest. Sometimes information needs a little imagery to make it easier to understand.

Below is an example of a Whiteboard animation. This form of animation could be diced and spliced and added to film or more complicated animation to tell the message you wish to bring across.

If you are curious about whiteboard animations or any other type of explanation animation (Explanimation) just get in contact and maybe I could whip up something pretty, that moves for you!

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